Nordic heart, international resources: NRG opens door to Latin America

The world situation changes and challenges everyone, but NRG’s strategy as the leading fire truck and system provider in the rescue services sector grows our foothold not just domestically but on international markets as well. The Finnish image is carried by determination and trust, but in the highly competitive field differentiation must be made in terms of selection and quality of work, smart technology, and experience – all the while focusing on customer-oriented service.

– Vast experience on international markets, such as Europe and China, has taught us as a company into agile operating and to recognize the local requirements of our customers. For example, the vehicles we manufacture are more technical, lighter, and thus handier in crowded major cities compared to US standards, says NRG’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Marko Kärkkäinen.

“We searched for a single-operator service provider”

Millions of people live in Latin America, which equates a significant market. Fortunately, the areas most affected by Covid are all showing signs of an upturn.

– The countries are also very European and pro-business in atmosphere. At the moment, NRG has local partners in both Uruguay and Chile. We have opened a line of communication also to Brazil, which is in the world top 10 economies. 

There are no shortcuts to successful business and long-term customer relationships. Trust is built on NRG’s expertise and the fiery commitment to projects from start until the very end. As a pioneer, part of our job is to understand local procedures as well as to challenge things that are taken for granted in cooperation.

– We chose NRG as our partner because they provide a one-stop solution for a large variety of emergency vehicle needs. The technological advancement on aerial vehicles and the strength of their Stainless Steel bodies are factors that set NRG apart from other European Manufacturers, praises Chile-based Ferexpont CEO, Raimundo Aranguiz.

Advanced product development as factor in success

Nordic Rescue Group is the sum of three leading companies in their sector: Vema Lift Oy, recognized as an engine for export, makes up the backbone, Saurus Oy which has delivered more than 2,000 rescue vehicles both in Finland and to international markets, and the Swedish Sala Brand Oy, which has operated both in Scandinavia and internationally since 1995.

– A definite strength of NRG is the broad in-house expertise and know-how in various product segments. Additionally, the comprehensive after-care we provide, from training to around the clock support system, is one of global future marketing topics, says Kärkkäinen.

For NRG, partnership means reliable cooperation, which grows from open interaction and the bravery to learn together.

– We look to establish long-term customer relationships. Of current international organizations, only NRG can offer advanced rescue vehicles and develop new product segments which will allow us to grow in the future, emphasizes Aranguiz.

iRange lineup for contractors breaking new ground

The network of top experts in the fire and safety sector exports an esteemed Finnish image out to the world daily. For the home troops, NRG’s international partnerships take the form of jobs and investments, for example in the new Vema factory in Kaarina, Southwestern Finland.

– We are looking to invest in the ”blue line” iRange lineup, which is designed for contractors for varied professional use. Compared to fire and rescue vehicles, the contractor market has more competition, but the equipment is faster to manufacture. This allows us to balance production, says Kärkkäinen.

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