As an international company, NRG has access to a global network of preferred suppliers, cooperates with several partners and exports products abroad on a large scale. We leverage these capabilities to manufacture the best range of rescue vehicles on the market.

Products with purpose

Part of being a reliable partner is making reliable products, and ours exist to help save people’s lives. To serve that vital purpose, they need to be made with care and expertise. That’s why the NRG way of working is systematic, to create products that stand the test of time.

We tie our success to three things: our comprehensive product range, our understanding of rescue operations and what those situations demand, and finally, our customer-oriented and committed approach to our work.

A rescue vehicle for any event

If you’re a fire department, an industrial firefighting unit or a military authority looking for a partner to help you create or expand your fleet, you don’t need to look any further than NRG. We can offer you any type of rescue vehicle, from civilian and military fire trucks to special vehicles.

Our rescue vehicle product range includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • A complete modern product line
  • Civilian fire trucks
  • Rescue and special fire trucks
  • Military fire trucks
  • Special tailor-made solutions
  • Tools and equipment

The right products for the job

Rescue operations, for fire or otherwise, are highly pressured scenarios in which firefighters or rescuers need to do their jobs correctly the first time round. These situations demand tools that work even in the most extreme conditions.

We use the finest quality materials available to craft the best products on the market, so that rescue personnel can count on them every time. This is why we pay special attention to such details as ergonomic and mindful fitting of equipment and accessories.

Putting the customer first

In our tens of years of operation and hundreds of deliveries, we’ve learned a thing or two. Mainly, we’ve learned that when you approach rescue vehicles with uncompromising operational safety, unbeatable expertise and a commitment to the completion of projects, you end up with satisfied customers and a successful business.

Custom systems

We use modular product structures and efficient project management to be able to tailor products to match your specific needs, no matter how demanding those needs are or whether they change. We also manage module subcontracting, maintenance and repair.

All of our Saurus rescue vehicles are fitted with the required equipment and accessories for operative work.