A full range of fire trucks and rescue lifts

We provide our customers with a full range of rescue vehicles including civilian and military fire trucks, hydraulic rescue lifts and special vehicles. We aim to further improve our product range and services.

We cooperate with several partners and export our products extensively abroad. Our success is based on understanding the needs in rescue operations, customer-oriented approach, strong product expertise and commitment on completion of projects. We want to do our job well with the smartest applications and highest quality. We make our customers satisfied and ensure the safe and reliable use of our products in real service.

An international rescue vehicle system supplier

We deliver the whole range of rescue vehicles:

  • Modern complete product line
  • Civilian fire trucks
  • Rescue and special fire trucks
  • Hydraulic rescue platforms
  • Military fire trucks
  • Special tailor made solutions
  • Tools & Equipment

All Saurus rescue vehicles are fitted with required equipment and accessories to facilitate operative work. We have a global network of preferred suppliers. We pay special attention to ergonomic and correct fitting of equipment and accessories.

F-series includes hydraulic aerial platforms for rescue operations. F-series has been created for using state of the art engineering know how and material choices.
TFL-series is based on well proven technology that has made hundreds of satisfied customers. TFL-series includes hydraulic aerial platforms for rescue operations.
Combi combines the benefit of a ladder platform and a fire engine in a single fire fighting and rescue vehicle
WT-series includes hydraulic water and foam extinguishing towers.
Fire Engine is a combination of reliable technical solutions and perfect range of equipment for demanding use.
Tankers are made to resist the most extreme conditions. Tanks as large as 18,000 l can supply the most demanding needs.
Combined Fire Engine / Tanker is a versatile Rescue Vehicle incorporating the features of a Fire Engine and a Tanker.
Rescue Units have special equipment for our clients’ rescue operations. With its reliable technical solutions, Saurus Rescue Unit is a safe and strong option for rescue operations.
Light Units are built on the chassis of a light commercial vehicle or a lightweight truck. Light Units are readily suitable for demanding and special conditions in rescue and clearing oper-
Special Vehicles are custom made to client specifications and requirements through professional product development and design.

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