All NRG in Rescue

Nordic Rescue Group, NRG in short, is a leading Nordic system supplier of rescue vehicles. We develop and produce a wide range of models for fire trucks and rescue lifts as well as customized rescue vehicles for demanding fire fight and rescue operations.

We offer a unique range of fire trucks, water tenders, rescue units, advanced hydraulic platforms and special applications for fire departments, industrial firefight units and military authorities. We design and build our products in the Nordic Countries out of advanced high quality components and materials. We provide our customers with maintenance and support and full service with our own units in Finland and through an international network of agents.

We have an end-user and customer oriented, professional way of working. We apply our company values and corporate Code of Conduct as guidelines for responsible and sustainable business and operations.

Our work has a higher purpose on rescuing life and property on, which we devote all NRG (energy).

We have a life time approach on service and support.

We support our customers with training, remote access, support for problem solving as well as and maintenance and upgrades.

NRG employers are goal-oriented experts. We give value to shared expertise and to a systematic way of working. Based on our long experience, we manufacture and develop firefighting vehicles and extinguishing systems that will stand the test of time.

  • Customer orientation and trust guide our working. We understand our responsibility to make solutions that save lives. Our systems are based on information, operational safety, high-quality material choices and technology.
  • Modular product structures and efficient project management ensure that you get the right set for your needs, whether you are an operator in a public rescue service or an industrial fire brigade or a military authority.
  • As the industry’s forerunner, we are a reliable partner for our customers. A comprehensive product range, an extensive partner network and the ability to tailor solutions to changing needs create technical and practical added value for our customers.
  • We manage module subcontracting, maintenance and repair. We define the challenges faced by our customers and offer solutions that respond to their true needs.
  • We sell through our agent network and we have our own offices in Finland, the Nordic countries and China.

Vehicles for firefighting and rescue operations

Our product range includes Vema Oy's and Saurus Oy's customized vehicles for fire protection. We design customized vehicles according to customer needs.

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