Nordic Rescue Group is an international system supplier of firefight and rescue vehicles

Nordic Rescue Group is a corporation specializing in the development and manufacturing of rescue vehicles. NRG was established in 2020 when Sievi Capital Oyj and Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) acquired Vema Lift Oy and Saurus Oy. Vema Lift and Saurus have developed from small independent operators in the 1980s into well-known international suppliers.

Nordic Rescue Group has defined its new strategy as being an ”International System Supplier”. We provide our customers with a full range of rescue vehicles including civilian and military fire trucks, hydraulic rescue lifts and special vehicles. In line with our new strategy, our target is to grow and improve our product range and services even further.

We co-operate with several partners and export our products extensively abroad. Our success is based on understanding the needs in rescue operations, our customer-oriented approach, strong product expertise and commitment on completion of projects. We want to do our job well with the smartest applications and highest quality, make our customers satisfied and ensure the safe and reliable use of our products in real service.

Saurus Oy – expert manufacturer of fire engines and rescue vehicles

Saurus has operated in Jyväskylä, Finland since 1982. Saurus is a well-known brand, almost an institution in Finnish rescue operations. The company has delivered nearly 2,000 vehicles both in Finland and for export in increasing numbers. Saurus employs 60 professionals and a vast network of subcontractors.

Vema Lift – for Firefighting with the most advanced equipment in the most extreme conditions

Vema Lift Oy has operated in Kaarina, Finland since 1987. The company has delivered almost 1,000 firefighting and rescue platforms and is a well-established brand in the industry. Over the years Vema Lift Oy has been known as a company of high-quality products and excellent customer service. In January 2021 Vema Lift moved all of its operations from 3 previous units to the new 9,200 m2 facility in Kaarina, Finland. The new factory enables shorter lead times, improved efficiency and increased manufacturing capacity. The new site also has a maintenance facility, a testing area and will also serve as a show room.

Sala Brand – the market’s total supplier for everything in the fire and rescue industry

Ever since its founding in 1995, Sala Brand’s focus has been on ensuring the requirements for fire protection at the country’s rescue services, industries, and airports. To date, we have delivered 1,325 vehicles to our customers. Through our production facility, we can deliver up to 50 efficient and reliable fire protection vehicles every year.

Our strategy

  • Saving life and property
  • Integrated Nordic company
  • International rescue vehicle system supplier

Helsinki city fire brigade

Helsinki city fire brigade is one of the key customers of both Saurus and Vema. We have successfully made several vehicle projects together with Helsinki professional fire fighters during the last decades including fire engines, tankers, rescue units and various kinds of aerial ladder platforms. The latest projects in 2020 were the deliveries of two Vema 45F platform units and a Saurus light unit equipped with a CAFS extinguishing system.

Finnish defence force

Finnish defence force is well resourced and equipped against firefighting and rescue missions. We have had the honour to serve their needs with our Saurus vehicles which in every case have been so called special applications customized for demanding Arctic and off road conditions. To meet the demanding MIL-quality requirements Saurus operations are MIL AQAP 2110 certified.

Osby city fire brigade

We have cooperated with different kinds of Nordic companies with excellent success over the years. Here is one example of one of our successful projects.

We started our cooperation with Osby city fire brigade by designing a customized Vema 32F installed to the Scania P410 6x2*4 platform. Delivery took place in October 2020.

Hainan fire brigade, China

We cooperate also in export trade projects. We were chosen to act as the partner for an industrial fire brigade to Hainan island in China. We delivered to our customer customised Vema 60F Aerial ladder platform with a working height of 60 meters.

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