About us

Nordic Rescue Group

Nordic Rescue Group (NRG) is an international system supplier that specialises in designing and manufacturing rescue vehicles. The company was established in 2020 when Sievi Capital and Tesi acquired established company Saurus, which have developed from small independent operators in the 1980s into well-known international suppliers.

As an international company, we have access to a global network of preferred suppliers, cooperate with several partners and export products abroad on a large scale. We leverage these capabilities to manufacture the best range of rescue vehicles on the market. Our broad offering includes civilian and military fire trucks and special vehicles.

We owe our success to our comprehensive product range, our understanding of rescue operations and our customer-oriented and committed approach to our work.

NRG has offices in Finland, the Nordics, and China.

NRG’s subsidiaries

Saurus has operated in Jyväskylä, Finland since 1982. Saurus is a well-known brand, almost an institution in Finnish rescue operations. The company has delivered nearly 2,000 vehicles both in Finland and for export in increasing numbers. Saurus employs 60 professionals and a vast network of subcontractors.

Sala Brand has operated in Sala, Sweden since 1995. The company has focused on fire protection for the country’s rescue services, industries, and airports. To date, Sala Brand has delivered 1,325 vehicles to its customers. Through its production facility, it can deliver up to 50 efficient and reliable fire protection vehicles every year.